Monday, November 24, 2008

We hosted our first dinner party here last Thursday. Good food, good company, great success...only wish the day started out in the same vein...

Went and saw The Birthday Massacre play on Friday. S and his entourage were there as well, they crashed at our place. It's the first gig we've been to see since moving here. I miss watching goths try not to look happy. In M we used to go to see a lot of goth/industrial/alternative bands play. Think we're getting a bit too old now...think I lost another 10% of my hearing.

For the first time I noticed the difference between the headline and support acts. The Birthday Massacre were made for the stage. They were so tight, and the!

The next morning was funny (rabbit incident aside), S was trying to teach S & T how to cook eggs. He was instructing them on how to make a complete meal with eggs. It was hilarious listening to him.

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