Tuesday, March 31, 2009

M comes home tonight. Yay!
Had a bad day at work...well at least K had a bad day. I just feel bad for him because he cops a lot, while me being the newbie - I've still got my 'get out of jail free' card - I just pretend ignorance (most of the time it's not pretending).

Monday, March 30, 2009

Now I know why M rarely gets a full night sleep. He's usually up dealing with Dog, while I snore away (allegedly!). Now that M's away, I have to deal with Dog running around the house at night, moving his sleeping mat into our room or plonking himself beside the bed and barking. Usually I just end up putting him outside.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Hmm...should start posting photos. I'm such a lazy bugger.
Daylight savings ends (or is it starts) next weekend. What I don't understand is why all the digital t.v stations have already changed their times. This always happens, it's bloody annoying. During the Sydney Olympics they decided to change the daylight savings date. Of course it caused utter chaos (especially at the airport), because the time on peoples' mobile phone changed on the wrong date.

I get really paranoid around this time of the year for that very reason. Last year, the time on my housemate's phone automatically changed...on the wrong date, so he ended up going to work an hour earlier.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I hurt my back trying to move the rabbit hutch...again. Supposed to be at my cousin's birthday party at the moment, but don't think I can make the 3 hour drive there. I was so looking forward to the food. They're great cooks and my uncle is a fisherman. I love seafood.

...guess I'll have to eat some chocolate (which I bought as a gift for M)...and maybe finish off the packet of chips.

Friday, March 27, 2009

I did something really stupid this morning. The front door (which really is the back door since it leads into the kitchen) has a flap which opens to let some air out. This morning I unlocked the flap but didn't pull the flap down before opening the door. Of course when I opened the door the flap fell and hit me on the head.
Ever since M's been away, Dog has been waking me up at all hours. I was woken up by some strange noises, like someone or something trying to break into the rabbit hutch, in the wee hours of this morning. I didn't hear any distress sounds coming from the rabbits, but then Dog started getting really agitated. He ran into the room and stuck his head out the window. So I got up and let him out the back door. He ran around the yard for a few minutes, sniffing around and sounding anxious. So I let him out the front. He charged out and disappeared for awhile. I tried calling him but he was off into the woods. So I had to grab the torch and go check it out. I didn't see much, but the rabbits and guinea pigs were okay. Dog came back and began marking his territory all over again. A few hours later he was still agitated, so I let him out the back, where he barked every half an hour or so, just as I was beginning to fall back asleep.
M is away for a week, visiting friends and family. So it's just me, Dog, the rabbits and guinea pigs. Is it bad to say I'm absolutely loving the solitude.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I've been working with a lot of dyes at work this week. Everytime I blow my nose, it's blue.
What a night it was. The city recorded over 2000 lightning strikes. M's dad was up for the night, helping M fix a few things around the house. We took him out to dinner before M went to his meeting. B and I drove home in his car, it wasn't till we reached the driveway that I realised that M had taken my house keys with him. M's meeting wouldn't finish to 9 pm so we decided to go to a cafe for coffee and cake. By the time we finished it was 9 ish, so we decided to head back home (did I mention it was raining by this time). M didn't get back till close to 10 pm. It was then we found out that Dog (who's terrified of thunder and lightning) was missing. Luckily after a frantic search of the property a nurse called M. She had found Dog wondering around near the weir and had picked him up on her way to work. M and his dad ended up driving to G's hospital to pick him up.

This morning I burnt my fingers making breakfast. I'm a bit frustrated with myself. I'd left the spoon near the pot and it took my sleep fogged mind a few painful seconds to realise that my fingers were burnt. But I was running late so I couldn't do much about it. I had trouble holding my pen today, since my thumb is all blistered up.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

What type of world am I living in, when a man is bashed to death at an airport in front of eyewitnesses?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Bugger spent too much on work clothes today.
I am scarred for life.

I'm always one of the last to have lunch at work. Today however, when I walked ino the lunch room, the big boss's wife (T) and her sister (S) were in there (most of the the staff hate them, but I rarely have any dealings with them). They had the aircon on full blast and it was freezing. To make matters worse, S with her big saggy boobs wasn't wearing a bra and a thin see through, skin coloured T-shirt. Ahhh, my eyes.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I've got a non-contagious fungal infection...hence the exhaustion, fever and sore throat I've been suffering for the last few months. It's supposed to be a self-limiting infection, usually lasting up to six weeks...sometimes it can go on for months. Knowing my luck it'll be the latter for me.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I went to a shopping mall today (something that I have to be dragged kicking and screaming to). I tried to find a NAB ATM. Of course not knowing my way around it took about half an hour to find. Finally spotted one, then when I went to stick my card in, it wouldn't work. So I decided to use the Westpac ATM. They wanted to charge me $2.00 to use it, meanwhile another guy had stepped up to the NAB ATM and it worked. So out of principle I decided to take another shot at the NAB ATM. This time it accepted my card, but wouldn't let me withdraw any money.
Ahhh, I've got all these red marks all over my chest and stomach. I'm not sure if they're insect bites or something much worse!