Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Imagine that you've come home from a busy morning running errands. You come home, hoping to have a little rest before picking a friend from the station. Before you can even put your feet up, you have to fix the rabbit hutch, move the rabbits back in and entertain the dog and of course find that elusive spot in the house that will give you mobile reception, just in case you get the pick up call. Oh, did I mention it's blowing a gale. So you unload the car (you've just picked up some straw and lucerne). You manage to fix the hutch with the help of the dog. It's time to reintroduce the rabbits to their home. You lift the hutch that they have been temporarily kept in but someone hadn't locked the bottom. One escapes. Dog chases it. You chase it. Your fencing is inadequate to keep a rabbit in, it's a deer fence after all. You realise that if it escapes you've just released a pest species into the wild. You panic. Dog thinks its a game, he chases the rabbit. You chase the dog. Rabbit runs towards the fence. You chase the rabbit. Dog chases the rabbit. You chase the dog.

Finally you make a decision. Chase the dog, drag him into the house and lock him in. Meanwhile, rabbit has managed to escape the fence...she's outside! You run back inside the house, grab the keys to the gate and chase her around. Luckily she's on a ledge. The problem is, it's a narrow ledge. You stalk her along the ledge. Up and down. Finally you manage to grab her...just.

Back in the house, you've had a missed call on your mobile. You can't read the message, because you no longer have mobile reception. You run around, trying to find that elusive spot again. The wind is howling outside. You run outside, down the long driveway. Finally you get one bar of reception. You return the call. She's been waiting at the station. You think, because the phone cuts off...so you decide to drive to the station...what the heck...luck might be turning your way....

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