Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Back to Basics

Drove dad to the airport today. It's been great having him here but at the same time tiring. Dad gets bored easily and needs to be fixing things, so he took it upon himself to fix the rabbit hutch (with my blessings!) and removed the empty bird cage that's attached to one of the outside walls. I wanted to take him for another tour of where I live, but it was too hot and muggy for him. Dog really took to my father and followed him around everywhere (maybe because my dad was constantly going outside for smoko).

I took him plant hunting, he's a medicine man, so he was on the lookout for some medicinal plants. We didn't find the plants that he was after but I did find some other useful plants (ie edible as well as medicinal). I have to wait for M (he has a plant collectors permit) before I can do anything.

M and I are being eaten alive by the midges. I have so many bites that itch to high heaven all over my body. I should start using insect repellent more often, but I hate the smell. I've got an Australian bush roll on, but I'm too inconsistent in my usage for it to be effective.

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