Monday, November 17, 2008

Public Transport

Since M worked the weekend he got today off, which gave us the opportunity to run some errands. We parked the car at H station and caught the train into the city, so that he could exchange one of the lens for his camera and pick up some other accessory for his new toy.

I don't mind public transport, but let me tell you, things are a bit backwards here. There are no bins at all in any of the stations...what's with that! On the way back we ended up (I'm a freak magnet) in a carriage with a drunk man, who had wet his pants and had become very aggressive towards other passengers. Luckily for us, he was in the carriage above us. I must say, one good thing about the service here is that they are well patrolled. The transit police got on (I thought it was hilarious when they all pulled on their black gloves) and dragged him off the train. The drunk guy must of been a well known character because they called him by name.

I've had some horrifying experiences on public transport. When I was living in M, I use to finish work late at night and catch the tram home. One night, I was sitting at the back of almost empty tram, when a guy boarded the tram in a notorious drug surburb. He ended sitting between me and the only other passenger in the carriage. We both watched in horror as this young man, got out a spoon and starting heating his drugs and then injected himself right then and there on the tram (while it was moving). He got off the tram at the next stop.

Another time, I was catching the same tram home a punk couple got on. The guy was tall and really aggro. I felt sorry for his girlfriend because she was trying to be friendly to the other passengers, maybe to compensate for his behaviour. Just before they got off the tram, he for no known reason, head-butted a guy who was sitting next to the door, then jumped off the tram. The tram driver did nothing, he added to the situation by keeping the door open. Meanwhile the girlfriend is trying to hold her boyfriend back, and hitting the tram telling the driver to close the door and to go.

And I can go on....

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