Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm feeling a little better. At least I don't have a sore throat anymore. Still very tired. Last night I was in bed at 8.30.

Today I'm just going to relax...

M might be deployed to Victoria in the next week or so, to help with the bushfires. I hope he doesn't have to go.
I think I'm getting a cold. NOOOOOOO!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finally, the house is clean...well most of it. We still have the study and guest bedroom to organise. It took some rearranging and reorganising, but at least now it feels more like home. I even bought Dog a new indoor dog mat, which he loves. He carries a cushion around and uses it as a pillow. He is so cute. The bunnies and guinea pigs are also settling into their new home as well.

We had P and G over for dinner last night. It was great having people over for dinner. It was so much fun. The boys talked shop, swapping fire fighting stories. The big issue was the conflict between RFS and MFS. RFS aren't trained to fight fires when assets are involved. Most people don't like the RFS. P was telling us about the time he got sent to the Snowy Mountain fire. His commander had a go at the RFS (calling them the Really Fucking Stupid) because they misread the map and started back burning the wrong side of the road, so instead of dealing with one fire front, they now had two to deal with.

But at least they tried...Although they stopped the MFS from fighting the Kinglake fires, they turned the trucks away.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I woke up with a sore throat early this morning (my body clock is still set on work time). I got up and took made myself an olive leaf tea, let Dog out for a run and made myself some breakfast. I decided to have breakfast in bed, much to M's annoyance (he slept through most of it). I wasn't feeling very well so I went back to sleep. After M left for his appointment this morning, I dozed for a bit. I must have fallen back to sleep because I was dreaming of my family visiting. I was woken up by the sound of the phone ringing. It was my father. He'd call to say that he was coming for a visit. He hasn't set a date yet but he wants to come for two weeks, before my mother goes overseas. She still has some medical issues to deal with before she can go, so as yet no date has been set.

When M got hom, we got a call from P who lives below us (above the river). He'd just been robbed. Someone or persons had broken in through the kitchen window and taken the plasma t.v and other electronic gear in broad daylight. So now M is going to arrange for a gate to be put in his driveway. We're still waiting for ours.
I should try and include some photos...
I'm so tired. I can't seem to get my energy level up. I thought it was hunger, but I've already had dinner.

Today was a good day. K told me at work, that I'm the first person that he has been able to talk to. Before in the lab, it use to be really quiet, even when there were heaps of people there. It was good because he and S helped me with the Q&A because I was in the middle of a troublesome batch and it was almost the end of the day. The batch (aloe gel) that I was making (for the second time) was supposed to come out clear, but instead I've got a cloudy brown gel...twice. I don't have anything to compare it with, because the formula has been changed...have to think more on this.

K told me this morning that he had a dream that the letter to the one of the laboratories he had to send today was sent to the wrong lab. So first thing this morning he rechecked the letter and he had addressed it to the wrong lab.

I always giggle when I recall, the two of us trying to call one of the labs. K kept on getting our receptionist. We couldn't work out why, so I had a go. K read out the number to me and still we got our receptionist. So K stepped out to try and figure out why. It didn't take him long. He came back laughing to himself. It turned out that we were dialling our number.

I feel a bit better now, writing always makes me feel better...even if I'm writing rubbish.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Once again my mouth has gotten me in trouble....note to self, think before you speak!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

M suggested we take a walk today after work. We decided to go to Watta because I wanted to walk along the beach It was such a beautiful afternoon. It finally stopped raining after more than a week of constant rain (it was raining cats and dogs this morning). Mic took me to the secret waterfall, which was absolutely stunning. I decided to go swimming, even though the water was freezing cold and I didn't have my swimmers with me. It's my new favourite swimming hole.

I took M out to dinner afterwards. So all in all it was a great day.

Work was pretty unproductive today. I did get a few things done, but I spent most of the morning making the base for a foaming cleanser (ie no fragrances), but I didn't realise that when my boss said 'base with no fragrance' he meant no essential oils too. So tomorrow I have to remake it, as well as the organic baby lotion (which I had almost finished today but the formula didn't work) so A and I reworked it. The clients want it by the end of this week. Which doesn't leave me much time at all for all the other projects that need to be completed. At least I managed to siphon off the calibration of the viscometer to K. Poor K, it took him all morning to finish and he has projects that a due urgently. A and I realised today that we had mixed up the organic sunscreen samples and the wrong product was sent to the client. This one wasn't my fault for once, A got mixed up and told me the wrong thing.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When I got home from work today, M suggested that I should go to the garage and look in blue plastic tub. As I approached the garage I noticed something attached to the door. It was a motion sensor camera. M's new toy for the park.

M suggested that I buy him easter eggs with the soft centres (his favourite) after watching an ad for it on t.v. This was done while he rubbed his pot belly. He then proceeded to tell me that the baby was due. "Look, it's alive," he says while pulsing his stomach. It was hilarious.

On a more somber note, 200 people have been confirmed dead from the Victorian bushfires. And the number is expected to rise. Meanwhile here, it has been raining for over a week and is still raining. Parts of the north have flooded and so is many parts of QLD. The northern tip of QLD has been flooded for over 6 weeks, and since the fires they have been the forgotten people. Supplies are down and nothing much has been done to alleviate the suffering of the town.

Monday, February 16, 2009


* dwells in the past
* stresses over the things that can go wrong
* can't let go of anything (mentally, emotionally and physically)
* loses sight of the bigger picture because his energy is focused on all the negative aspects
* cluttered mind, cluttered room

* don't like wasting energy on what could have been, or what can be
* live and learn is my philosophy, so what if things go wrong once in awhile. How else is one supposed to learn, if not by his mistakes.
* neat freak (reformed, learning to live in ordered chaos)
* okay, control freak (although slowly learning to lose control once in awhile)

My most favourite sound in the world is the sound of M's laughter. I love hearing him laugh. His voice comes a close second.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh, have I mentioned the sharks. All the shark signs have been put up now. There's been two shark attacks in two days. A great white was spotted by a diver at W. Yesterday M told me that some fishermen had caught a bull shark in HR where we swim in the afternoons. It's one of the many that have been caught or sighted there. So no more swimming there for the moment. Dang!
M and I went out for breakfast yesterday. I was reading the list of people lost in the Victorian fires and saw my that one of that one of my lecturer's name on the list. That really upset me.

I got an email from K. She lives near the fires. She could see the fires from where she was. The tragic thing is that even though she and her family are safe, they've lost friends and work collegues to the fire. M had a work collegue and friend in the area, who is currently on maternity leave. He'd been trying to contact her for a week. Thankfully he finally got news that N and her family were evacuated.

I'm just glad that E sold her property in Kinglake. So much was lost, so many lives affected. It's sad to think that the people up north in Queensland who lost so much in the recent floods have been almost forgotten as the country's attention is now focused on the fires.

I drive to work every morning, (although I would like to be able to catch public transport instead, but at the moment it is impractical). Last week was a nightmare. Traffic has increased, now that the summer holidays are over for most people. I usually drive to work listening to radio national or ABC radio. I've had to force myself to stop listening to the radio because the constant updates on the Victorian fires were so upsetting. I didn't want to start work every morning depressed.

I realise now that I'm living on a ticking time bomb, surrounded by bushland. Our landscape is a little different. In Victoria, the bush is designed to burn every 20-50 or so years. Here, we're surrounded by heathland, which burns every 10 or so years. The last time there was a fire, 90% of the park was affected. It was a miracle that all the houses were left standing (thanks to the efforts of the rangers who stayed to defend the properties). M and I decided that if there was a fire, I'm to leave. He doesn't want me to stay and I agree. Nature can be unpredictable. I don't want him to stay, but if there is a fire he's usually part of the incident control team. Thankfully, he doesn't have to physically fight the fire anymore. I use to hate it when he was on fire duty.