Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bush bashing in pj's and everything else in between.

A new day, another morning of chasing Dog and Rabbit. This time Rabbit stayed in the confines of the fencing. I didn't have to panic that much!

Though early in the morning Dog decided he wanted to go out, so he sat waiting by the front door. In my morning haze I let him out (it's only supervised walks if he goes out the front, just he case he wanders off down a track). Most of the time I drag him out the back door, which involves a lot of bribery or physical dragging by the collar. Today I let him out and was about to follow him out, but discovered that I'd left my shoes near the back door. It was wet from dew outside, and I couldn't be bothered getting my feet wet today. By the time I found a suitable pair of shoes Dog had disappeared. I'm not worried until I hear voices coming from the track below our house. So I had to go bush bashing in my pj's once again to try and find him (I wasn't in the mood to fend off leeches). Ten minutes later I spy him walking merrily a long the track below our house, luckily there wasn't anyone (that I could see) around.

We started laying out elliot traps for the antechinuses again. M discovered a hole in the kitchen where they are getting through. I removed the drawers near it (they had started making a nest in the drawers, so everything had to be thrown out) and replaced them with traps. We caught a female, luckily with no babies this time.

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