Wednesday, November 12, 2008

people always have to screw things up

M and I were planning to go swimming in the river this afternoon after he got home from work. I had just changed into my cosie, and M was standing around in his underwear when we got a phone call from the duty manager. There's been a report of 20 or more illegal tents up at E, and from the sounds of it they aren't a friendly bunch. They've been drinking and some of them are vandalising the empty cabins which are privately owned and heritage listed. So M has been trying to ring around to see who's available to go with him to check out the situation. I'm really worried because there isn't much one or even two people can do against that many. At the moment they're just going to observe to see if the police need to be called in.

Sometimes I hate living so close to all the action. Nature might be beautiful, but people always have to screw things up.

Bugger of a start to the silly season...

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