Saturday, November 29, 2008

We got Rabbit another companion yesterday. This time we got a male guinea pig. I had to clean out the big hutch when we got back, because the straw was wet, so we put both in the smaller hutch. M went to check on them later on and found the Pig with a ripped claw. So we cleaned him up and separated them for awhile. We put Rabbit back in the big hutch. In the afternoon I put Pig back in the big hutch, although M protested. I told him it'll be fine, they need to get to know each other, and they don't even have to run into each other in the big hutch. I was right.

M peed me off last night. He stayed up till 3 am playing his games (very loudly), I let that slide. He crawled into bed and decided to read, so I had the light in my eyes...I took my pillow and went and slept on the couch. It was really uncomfortable so I cleared the spare bed and snuggled there instead. Need to clean this room...

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