Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ahhhh...chooo....the last time I had hayfever was over ten years ago. Now it's come back with a vengence. I haven't stopped sneezing all morning. It got so bad I almost fainted. I was supposed to go with M today(he's supposed to be on leave but has been recalled for a meeting), while he attends the meeting I was going to walk one of the tracks near his office and take some photos. Now I'm holed up in the lounge wiping my nose. And the weather is so nice today!!!

Okay that's enough of my whinging today. Had a great day yesterday, swimming in the river and exploring the 'burbs near us. We ended up walking one of the tracks, unfortunately there wasn't enough light to get some decent photos. Last night we had a little camp fire in our back yard. We decided to pull out the chimnea and toast some marshmallows (I'm not a big fan of marshies, but it was fun!). Dog was going crazy trying to sniff Pig and Rabbit. It was so funny watching him trying to break into the hutch. I tried earlier that night to check out the smiley face in the sky (ie Jupiter and Venus above the crescent moon) but the view of the western sky was skewed by all the trees. I did see Jupiter and Venus though.

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