Saturday, November 8, 2008

Chasing Rabbit

Another morning of chasing Rabbit around. This time, she had managed to dig her way out. I let Dog out the front because I couldn't be bothered dragging him out the back (it had been a long night...more later). I went back inside to fetch my shoes, and when I went back Dog had disappeared. I wasn't too worried because I was gone less than a minute. However, I see a flash of brown run pass me in the direction of the outdoor dunny. I run around to check and there was Rabbit. I chase her, and she runs under T's car (he was up for the weekend trying to catch some waves). I leave her there and try to get Dog back in the house. He smells Rabbit and refuses to budge. So I give up and enlist his help. I leave him to guard one end of the car, while I try to scare Rabbit out from under the car. I manage, she runs to garage. Dog chases her. I chase them both. Dog corners her but he doesn't take a bite, just sniffs. Somehow she escapes and the farce is once again back on. Dog and I chase her around the garage. Finally she manages to hem herself in, and I pounce. Then Dog pounces, he tries to take a bite and ends up with a mouthful of fur. He smacks his lips and looks satisfied. I run into the house with both Dog and Rabbit. I wake M up. I need help because at this stage I'm unsure if Rabbit2 has also escaped. Poor M, he was involved in a stakeout at G beach last night and had only crawled into bed at 3 am. Lucky for us, Rabbit2 was resting in her hidey hole. We had to lock them in their smaller hutch.

This morning we were woken up (except T, he slept through the whole thing) by sirens and ambulance and rescue vehicles tearing down the road. It went on for over an hour. M called the office to see what was going on. Turns out there was another car accident. Someone had slammed their car into a wall (cliff), but the driver was nowhere to be found. I suspect it's one of the drifters. They were out racing last night. I hate the silly season here!

We found out last night that the driver involved in the motorcycle accident was one of the security staff's nephew. He may be paralysed, apparently his leg bones have been pushed into his spine (ouch).

My cousin rang me this morning and had a good whinge about her parents (but that's another story!), all I'll say is all the in-laws are commenting on how dysfunctional our family are...

Other than that I had a great day. Went to G beach with M and T and did some body surfing. The waves were awesome! but I was exhausted from trying to battle them...maybe I'm going about it the wrong way! T lost his board in the surf, it was ripped from his hands, lucky it washed up near a lifesaver. The rips were so scary, I was pushed away from the group and was too exhausted to swim back, and the only thing I could do, was let the waves take me. Luckily it was back to shore, but that was a struggle as well, it was a steep drop! I couldn't touch the bottom and I was less than 5 metres from the shore.

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