Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I got a call from my lovely cousin this afternoon, giving me an update on how my aunt is doing. She just got off the plane on Sunday (back from her second honeymoon), when she got a call from her parents informing her that our aunt in QLD is ill and the prognosis wasn't looking too good. So suffering from jet lag she had to drive 3 hours to her parents place, and then with them to QLD the next morning. She asked if I wanted to come, but I had to meet her at her parents. She wasn't really sure of the travel details yet. As usual no-one in my immediate family had bothered to tell me anything. So I spent the afternoon calling my parents and sister. My dad and his younger sister, were flying that afternoon to QLD. My mum opted to stay (she's recovering from eye surgery) and wait for further news. I decided to stay put, because I know my family. There's always trouble when we all get together, and the kids were already stressed enough, so I didn't want to add to the chaos.

So back to the phone conversation. She told me she's back at her parents house, but now she's flying back up to QLD to escort her parents back like naughty children. Her dad was involved in an incident last night. She doesn't know all the details, but the men were drunk last night and her dad threatened to smash his car window. Well he did smash the car window as well as his hands. My dad being the oldest, and the medicine man as well, had to clean up the mess and reset the bones. So now my cousin is flying up to escort her wayward parents back home, despite her mother insisting that her dad is alright to make the drive back. You have to laugh, my family are so predictable.

Meanwhile my aunt was improving, but she had a seizure last night. So I'm hoping and praying very hard that she will get better.

I had to call M at work (he was in the middle of conducting a panel interview) and tell him the news. He wants an exit clause in our marriage contract now. As if! I did warn him. Also asked him if everything was okay, because I could hear sirens all morning and police and ambulance vehicles flying pass our house. He says there's been a motorcycle accident (and it's not looking too good) near W.

I should explain that we live near one of the best scenic drives (it's also one of the main roads used by the coastal dwellers to get to work in the city). After all the road takes you through, heathland, coastal heathland, littoral rainforest, and sub-tropical rainforest. It is one of the most mega diverse (in terms of flora) area in Australia. It's absolutely stunning, but the road is also very windy. Every weekend the motorcyclist come out, so do the cyclist, walkers and everything else in between. The place gets crazy. And the sad thing is there's always an accident or two.

Now we're heading into bushfire season, so more things to think about...

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