Sunday, January 25, 2009

What a week. We've had fire outbreaks, fallen trees, unconscious kid found at one of the falls, attempted break ins, and a break-in.

One of the FO's came this morning to rouse M out of bed. He'd just discovered that the VC had been broken into, and wasn't able to contact the duty manager. So M had to go down and have a look. It wasn't until the VC staff arrived that they discovered that safe had been broken into and $7000 stolen. The cops arrived soon after. They think it was an inside job, because the alarm had been switched off, and the safe opened then closed. The computer was switched on.

Also being a public holiday, there was a constant stream of visitors. BV was filled up at 9 am this morning, W and G soon after. So needless to say M decided to go into work this afternoon, although it's his day off.

On the stomach front, I keep on wanting to eat. Must be bored.

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