Thursday, January 8, 2009

M and I usually just relax on the couch after dinner. Then he goes off to his office (to play WoW) or my office (ie the dining table) to do some work. I usually end up staring at the t.v or if I can be bothered some writing. M jokes that if we need to talk, we can email each other.

I decided we needed to do some other things after work besides sitting in separate rooms. Now we take walks after dinner or before, depending on the weather. If it's really hot, we take Dog to M beach and go swimming. If we don't have much time, we go down to the river. Sometimes we swim, other times we just explore. Tonight it rained, so I suggested we do some crazy dancing just for the fun of it. It was hilarious. I picked a cd and we had a great time being silly. We spent some time playing soccer with Dog in the lounge as well. We have so much space now ever since we rearranged the area. Still, there were a few hairy moments when we knocked a few things about.

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