Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oh, did I mention my encounter with a funnel web spider this morning. I don't have a fear of spiders, in fact I'm a big fan of them but everyone here has been telling me to stay away from funnel webs (they can kill). The heat has brought them out early this season. 'The males are the one to watch for, they are more venomous than the females. So I've been ever vigilant, trying not to walk around the yard in bare feet. I was moving some wood around in the yard this morning and out came a funnel web. I went to have a closer look at the scrambling arachnid. Dog had the same idea, and in my panic (he was getting to close to the thing and my hands were full) I squashed it with my shoes.

Is it mean to think that I wish I got a photo of it first?

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