Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When I got home from work today, M suggested that I should go to the garage and look in blue plastic tub. As I approached the garage I noticed something attached to the door. It was a motion sensor camera. M's new toy for the park.

M suggested that I buy him easter eggs with the soft centres (his favourite) after watching an ad for it on t.v. This was done while he rubbed his pot belly. He then proceeded to tell me that the baby was due. "Look, it's alive," he says while pulsing his stomach. It was hilarious.

On a more somber note, 200 people have been confirmed dead from the Victorian bushfires. And the number is expected to rise. Meanwhile here, it has been raining for over a week and is still raining. Parts of the north have flooded and so is many parts of QLD. The northern tip of QLD has been flooded for over 6 weeks, and since the fires they have been the forgotten people. Supplies are down and nothing much has been done to alleviate the suffering of the town.

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