Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finally, the house is clean...well most of it. We still have the study and guest bedroom to organise. It took some rearranging and reorganising, but at least now it feels more like home. I even bought Dog a new indoor dog mat, which he loves. He carries a cushion around and uses it as a pillow. He is so cute. The bunnies and guinea pigs are also settling into their new home as well.

We had P and G over for dinner last night. It was great having people over for dinner. It was so much fun. The boys talked shop, swapping fire fighting stories. The big issue was the conflict between RFS and MFS. RFS aren't trained to fight fires when assets are involved. Most people don't like the RFS. P was telling us about the time he got sent to the Snowy Mountain fire. His commander had a go at the RFS (calling them the Really Fucking Stupid) because they misread the map and started back burning the wrong side of the road, so instead of dealing with one fire front, they now had two to deal with.

But at least they tried...Although they stopped the MFS from fighting the Kinglake fires, they turned the trucks away.

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