Friday, October 31, 2008

The antechinuses are back

The antechinuses are back. They've crapped all over the kitchen cupboards and even made a nest or two in the drawers. It's a losing battle we're fighting here or more to the point we've been a bit lax in laying out the traps. So I guess we have to start all over again tonight.

Dog ignores them. We started letting him in at night in our room (he has a bed on the floor), 1. to stop him waking us up with his barking (at the deer, wallabies, possums etc), 2. to chase the antechinuses. It's obviously not working, he just snores his way through their nightly raids. That's right Dog snores. He is so much like M, they both snore (though not in a loud obtrusive way) and they both sit there and sigh a lot.

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