Friday, October 17, 2008


One of my pet hates are parasites. Personally I don't see the evolutionary purpose of most of them. I concede that some like tape worms, hook worms etc play a role in stimulating our immune system, but leeches and ticks how do they fit in the scheme of things? Unfortunately I live in a place where leeches and ticks are common. I guess living in paradise does have its downs.

I was taking photos of our house and yard to send to my friends. I decided to try my hand at nature photography while I was at it. Meanwhile M was bush bashing with Dog and calling out for me to join them. No thanks, I was in my sandals and I had a feeling...M and Dog head back to house and catches me in the process of trying to take a photo of a flower on a vine. M suggests I should also take a photo of the African Lillies that are growing in the bush as well. I agree and still standing in the driveway focus the camera. M insists that I should take a macro photo, so I wade into the bush. Suddenly I feel something moist and cold land on my toes. I look down and see something black and yellow, looking suspiciously like a leech or caterpillar between my toes. I start screaming and jumping up and down, trying to take off my sandals. While M is telling me to stop jumping around so that he could get to it. In my panic I'm kicking my legs about and trying to thrust my foot towards him. Finally he calms me enough for him to check it out. He wasn't quick enough for me, I'm trying to shake the thing off while yelling at him to grab a stick to flick it off. At this stage the thing has crawled deeper between my toes and closer to the sole of my feet. Finally he manages to flick it off me.

I run out of the bushes, convince it was a caterpillar. M follows at a slower pace. I asked him what it was. He tells me it was a leech. I immediately jump into his arms. Gross. I feel so violated. Lucky for me the leech didn't have a chance to sink its suckers into me.

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