Friday, October 31, 2008

Dog and Goanna

Dog was feeling morose in the heat yesterday. So I let him in the house where it was cooler. The heat and humidity seemed to suck the energy from everything around me. Well not the birds though. They were out in full force. Dog was woken up from his afternoon nap by the laughter of four kingfishers on the gum tree. I took him out to the yard (the deer fence free section) to check out what all the noise was about. Dog went ballistic at the kingfishers. They took a break from their gossiping and sat high up in the tree watching him. Dog wasn't happy. To vent his frustration he lept off the ledge and ran into the bushes. There was a frenzy of activity. I wondered what he was up to the little bugger. Then I realised he was up to his usual no-good, chasing goannas. The little bugger had chased a goanna up another gum tree. One of these days they'll realise he's all bark and no bite, then we'll see who'll be chasing whom.

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