Thursday, March 26, 2009

What a night it was. The city recorded over 2000 lightning strikes. M's dad was up for the night, helping M fix a few things around the house. We took him out to dinner before M went to his meeting. B and I drove home in his car, it wasn't till we reached the driveway that I realised that M had taken my house keys with him. M's meeting wouldn't finish to 9 pm so we decided to go to a cafe for coffee and cake. By the time we finished it was 9 ish, so we decided to head back home (did I mention it was raining by this time). M didn't get back till close to 10 pm. It was then we found out that Dog (who's terrified of thunder and lightning) was missing. Luckily after a frantic search of the property a nurse called M. She had found Dog wondering around near the weir and had picked him up on her way to work. M and his dad ended up driving to G's hospital to pick him up.

This morning I burnt my fingers making breakfast. I'm a bit frustrated with myself. I'd left the spoon near the pot and it took my sleep fogged mind a few painful seconds to realise that my fingers were burnt. But I was running late so I couldn't do much about it. I had trouble holding my pen today, since my thumb is all blistered up.

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