Friday, March 27, 2009

Ever since M's been away, Dog has been waking me up at all hours. I was woken up by some strange noises, like someone or something trying to break into the rabbit hutch, in the wee hours of this morning. I didn't hear any distress sounds coming from the rabbits, but then Dog started getting really agitated. He ran into the room and stuck his head out the window. So I got up and let him out the back door. He ran around the yard for a few minutes, sniffing around and sounding anxious. So I let him out the front. He charged out and disappeared for awhile. I tried calling him but he was off into the woods. So I had to grab the torch and go check it out. I didn't see much, but the rabbits and guinea pigs were okay. Dog came back and began marking his territory all over again. A few hours later he was still agitated, so I let him out the back, where he barked every half an hour or so, just as I was beginning to fall back asleep.


Anonymous said...

Weird. Do you let Dog sleep on the bed with you? My cat runs around all night long, scratching and howling and jetting across the floor until I let him onto the bed.

Eucalyptus and Lime said...

Dog is definitely not allowed on the bed. He has a bed in the hallway for the nights that he's allowed to come in (which is most nights) otherwise he sleeps in his kennel outside.