Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It was our anniversary on Sunday (thanks to my friend Maz for reminding us, we'd forgotten). M took me out to dinner to a Japanese restaurant. It was the first time we'd both been there, the food was yummy but the place was small and echo-ie (okay that's not a word). Of course we ended up getting into an argument...It wasn't a big fight, but poor M was anxious all night. I, on the otherhand, in my usual manner dismissed the incident straight away and went back to enjoying my food and M's company.

So take two, on Monday after work I took M out to dinner. We decided to get out of the shire this time. I'm more organic and unorganised in my approach to going out. So I picked a suburb and we trawled the streets till we found something we liked. We ended up at an Italian restaurant and the the food was de-lic-sious. We ended up in a second hand book shop later that night...and we both collect books. M went a bit crazy and had to restrain himself. It was a great night. M's still in a good mood.


Anonymous said...

My gf goes crazy for second hand book shops. I go crazy for game and candy shops, heh.

Anonymous said...

Then again, I'd love book shops if I were able to read much faster than I do.