Friday, April 3, 2009

Ah the stress. Production is making a new type of lip gloss in four different shades. I've been having nightmares about this stuff, because I didn't do the initial R&D for this product. When I tried to make this myself following Y's instructions I couldn't match the colour. So because we had to send the samples off A decided to just use Y's batches.

So Thursday night, I was dreaming about the batches stuffing up. First problem, S tells me there's solid particles in the batch. I tell him to keep mixing. Late in the afternoon he brings me a sample. K and I almost have a heart attack (A is in Melbourne), the dyes haven't dissolved. K panics because he weighed out the dye. I call E in (he's on his way out). We all have a heart attack. We check the dyes to see if they are the right one. E checks their solubility even though we tell him that the dyes were pre-dissolved before being added to the mixture. E tells S to keep mixing, when he leaves we find out that he's been mixing while the batch is still too hot. I run down to production to tell him to cool the batch down otherwise the dye will not mix.

After half an hour he brings me another sample. The colour doesn't match the standard. Now I have to try and colour match. A is not going to be happy on Monday.

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