Sunday, December 7, 2008

Well, we're not was just gluttony on my part. M is disappointed but I'm okay with it. His parents came to stay for an early christmas because they're boycotting it this year. It was fun, lots of eating though.

It's been a very hectic week. We had some friends of M's from NT stay earlier this week as well. We went to the aquarium with B and T. I don't know how I feel about aquariums. I'm not a big fan of wild animals kept in confined spaces (says the girl who has a rabbit and guinea pig in a hutch!). It was sad watching large sharks swim up and down constantly in a small area (one sign of distress). There's a fine line between eco-education and animal cruelty.

Went to watch the Vienese Classic. It really surprised me how much I enjoyed it. Although at the beginning I wasn't so sure. I get distracted easily by people around me. It's because I'm such a control freak. I need things to be orderly, otherwise it distresses me (or am I OCD?). We went out for dinner by the harbour and the service was really bad. It wasn't the people per say, but the way the whole place was run. Drinks and food had to be ordered separately, and there was only one person walking around taking drink orders and the poor thing was run off her feet. There was no communication between the food and drinks staff, so we waited ages for someone to come around to take our order, despite asking several times. Anyway, I got really agitated (not mad, but distressed) and this was after we managed to order. It was because the table behind us were trying to order their drinks but were completely ignored. I managed to take a deep breath (or three) and get over it. See I'm learning. In the past I would have said something or left (which would have agitated M).

The show was great, but I had a guy sitting next to me who came late, so he was breathing heavily for the first few minutes, then he started doing smelly burps. The lady behind me kept on playing with her camera, so all we could hear were the electronic beeping of the camera. At first I couldn't find the source of the sound. She stopped after I turned my body fully around to look at her (subtle aren't I?). There were no cameras allowed. The other thing that I found strange was that people started leaving during the last piece.

After the show, as we were walking out to the foyer, an old lady went to sit on a chair, missed it completely and fell on her butt. The poor thing couldn't move. M and another guy helped pull her up (she was quite a big woman). As you can see, M is the nice person in the relationship!

All in all, it was the perfect non-christmas week.

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