Sunday, December 7, 2008

The resident diamond python must be back, because the antechinuses seem to have gone...for now. According to some of the staff here, the last spotting of it was in our decrepit shed, by the contractors who were doing some renovation work on the house before we moved in. They refused to go into the shed without the accompiment of one of the staff. Same with the telecommunication workers, if they need to look at the line (which is in the bushes along our driveway), they won't go alone. Diamond pythons aren't venomous, but the other snakes around here may be. Australia has (I think) 20 or is it 10 of the top venomous snakes. I've come into contact with tiger snakes (very aggressive and venomous little buggers), and that was in suburbia. It was in my sisters house while I was house sitting for her (that's another story). And of course heaps of red belly black snakes (at least they aren't aggressive).

V stopped over last night to drop M's keys (M locked himself out of his office yesterday). The antechinuses have been mocking him, so he reckons. A few nights ago, one of them dragged its meal into his bedroom (dead bird). It also had young ones and he could hear them squeaking around all night. He found bits and pieces of the dead bird the next day, near his pillow.

Oh the joys of summer.

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